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How it started

Club Mediterrane - 1995

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My name is Yara Sekiguchi and I am a Brazilian artist currently living in England with my husband and pets.

My passion for arts and crafts started when I was really young and used to go with my mother to her painting classes, instead of being bored whilst waiting, I would watch the class fascinated with such a variety of different styles and skills.

Many years have passed and from that little spectator I have become someone who loves creating new items taking my inspiration mainly from nature.

I have been painting in silk for over 25 years, and I'm always eager to learn new techniques, research materials and most importantly, make sure my items are unique wearable pieces of art with the highest quality.

My paper art collections started as a fusion between card making and keepsakes making them all one of a kind pieces. I always liked to create different and unique items and all my mini paper flowers are definitely unique.

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The studio

My studio is my little haven.
In here I lose myself spending most of my time creating, researching and enjoying my passion.

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How it is going

Workshops, craft events, talks.... life after the pandemic is resuming and slowly going back to the "new" normal.

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The story so far: Pro Gallery
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