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My passion for hand painted silk started around 25 years ago almost by chance when spending holidays on a French resort (Club Mediterrane') back in Brazil. From the very first touch of the brush into the silk I was completely hooked and in love.


Throughout the years I've researched new materials and techniques, always improving my skills to create innovative and beautiful items. My main focus is to create unique wearable pieces of art with a little bit of my soul.


Although I have a wide range of products, my specialities are the matching sets - hand painted silk scarf with a matching handbag. As all my work is hand crafted, the styles and models are unique. They can be tailored for a special occasion (such as a wedding) or more casual sets mixing silk with other types of fabric (such as linen or denim).


Commissions are accepted.


Please have a look around and I hope you enjoy my items as much as I enjoy making them.



Yara Sekiguchi